Since 2016, providing services with hundreds of satisfied clients with slogan “ Our Clients are Our Family” , we are specialized in IRAN religious , cultural , Eco & Business Tourism with team in 3 cities of IRAN and 3 Major cities in Pakistan.Apart from IRAN we also manage tours for IRAQ, Azerbaijan , Turkey and Syria.

We are secured by our qualities, trustworthiness and commitment to client benefit, our dedicated team guided the tourist what is best for them rather than letting them trying things.

We access client’s requirement and their budgets and then suggest the best tour as per their needs and budget ,we offer dedicated services for families, individuals and females, through us females traveled without their family males and felt very secure and want to repeat the tour again due to our commitment and respect for them.

Our Team Head has vast experience of Customer services, Training and Tour Management, he always comes with new ideas for Tourist’s comfort and Pleasure.

Specializing the religious tourism he has completed 24 Tours to IRAN and 19 Tours of IRAQ in last 4 years.
We are a Registered Travel agency in Pakistan with DTS licensing for Travel & Tourism.
Give us a chance to serve you for individual Group and Corporate Tours.


Team RoamIran