By Road from newly opened safe border located 90Km from Gwadar,700 Km from Karachi , nearby city is chahbahar city of Iran from where Flights/Buses are available.

  • 3 Flights Daily for Tehran
  • 2 Flights Daily for Mashhad

from Karachi Public Transport (Bus) and Taxis are available to reach this border, this border is safer than taftan mirjawa border and facilities to reach are also better

Travel Facilities

Bus : Daily service from Karachi in evenings, from Lahore only chartered Buses

Taxi: Anytime from Karachi & Lahore


from karachi

Bus , 1800-2200 per person (12 hours)

Taxi, 4500-5000 per person (09 hours)


From LahoreĀ 

Bus , 5000-5500 per person (Full bus) (23 hours)

Taxi, 8000-9000 per person (20 hours)

Karachi to Rimdan /250 Border